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Monday, January 19, 2015

Fernandez Goico Response

Hello Stormy,

Thanks for your contact.

Sorry for this delayed evaluation, but I try as much as I can to do it 
as quick as possible. It's just too many emails, too many evaluations 
(added to the surgeries, seeing patients, and having a life :-p).

So, I have evaluated your photos and you are an excellent candidate for 
a Mommy Makeover. Even though your BMI is quite high right now (30.9), I 
can tell by your photos that most of your weight is located in your 
thighs. I don't wanna discourage you on loosing those 10 lbs extra you 
mentioned (or more if possible), but you have a nice body shape already, 
which tells me you could have an amazing outcome.

Breasts: you clearly have breast hypertrophy and they are pretty fallen. 
However, you seem to have enough volume to have very natural filled 
round breasts after a well performed Breast Lift. With the technique I 
use, I take advantage of your own tissue, creating kind of an "implant" 
with it, which gives a very nice result, rejuvenating the aspect of the 
breasts. In a personal evaluation, we would determine what size are you 
aiming for.

Abdomen: Now, you clearly have a very good indication for a tummy tuck, 
and your case is very good for this surgery, because you have a severe 
skin excess and a mild to moderate fat accumulation. There is some 
evident muscle  separation seen in your abdominal region. This, added to 
the severe  skin and moderate fat excess in the area, clearly tell me 
your abdomen  aspect could be greatly improved aesthetically with a 
Tummy Tuck. The  tummy tuck not only eliminates fat and skin, but it 
defines the waist  line more, giving the patient a curvier body because 
of the "corset"  effect created by the abdominal rectus muscle. Another 
good point on  your favor is the fact that you have enough skin to have 
a very low  positioned scar, meaning, this surgery should allow you to 
use a very  low bikini bottom or panties if you feel like it.

Body: this is where your case differentiates from the rest. You have a 
very good shape, I was really amazed with your photos. Your rear view 
pictures are a complete different person, and we want to highlight your 
positive attributes. We'd concentrate the lipo work on your back and 
flanks (waist), just to enhance even more your existing good feminine 

Butt: ok, you have some projection, and you can clearly observe this in 
your profile photo. Your brazilian butt lift would be mostly focused on 
enhancing the roundness of your butt, and making it complement nicely 
the rest of your body.

Karel, my assistant will send you your quote (usually less than 24  hours) for:

- Breast Lift + General Liposuction + Tummy Tuck + BBL

Any medical doubt you may have, please feel free to contact me  directly 
to this address or via whatsapp to my cellphone at  +18098017900. Let's 
change Stormy, to Sunny :).

Take good care of yourself,
Dr. Luis A. Fernandez Goico

Cirugía Plástica Estética y Reconstructiva

C/ Sócrates Nolasco #4, 2º Pisto - Sala 3
Santo Domingo, Rep. Dominicana
C: (809) 565-0938
M: (809) 801-7900

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