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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Goico Correspondence

One of the main reason I was drawn to using Dr. FG

No, the multiple patients discount is a 15% discount and the seed patient is a 10% discount. They cannot be added one with the other You can secure your quote and date with the 10% discount. For the moment your surgery buddy books her surgery date close to yours, i will update your balance with the 15% multiple disc. 

The thing is that the PreOp appointment is a full and complete evaluation before surgery, not only by DR. FG but also by a Cardiologist, a Blood Work technician, a Chest Xray. So you will have to be here in Santo Domingo in the morning, to fulfilled the 24 hrs requirement before get in surgery and be in our office at 11.30 am.

After you pay for your deposit, your quoted price is assured for whenever you wish to have your surgery.

Payment for Services
For the  surgery date deposit, we only accept Western Union or MoneyGram  because this money is payed to the clinic.

Another option we have is PayPal, and with this option you can use your  credit card, but PayPal will charge you with a 5.4% of transaction fee. If you prefer this option, let me know and I'll send you your invoice.

For Western Union and MoneyGram you'd need the following information:
- Name: Luis Alejandro Fernandez Goico
- City/Country: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
- Amount: US$300.00
- Currency: US$

IMPORTANT NOTE: Make sure that the deposit is in US currency. Some  patients have deposited US$300 but Western Union changes the exchange  fare to a much lower one, and it ends up being less.

The information we'd need from you is:
- Complete name of sender
- City/State/Country from where is being sent
- Transaction code

You can do it from your home by clicking on this link:

For the rest of the payment, if you do not want to come with all that  cash, you can use our Bank of America account if you'd like you could do 
a wire transfer (at least 2 weeks before your surgery). The only thing 
is  that we charge the International Transfer fee that will be charged 
to us which is US$65 dollars.

Bank of America Savings Account:
- Account under Name: Luis Fernandez
- Account #: 383012295575
- Routing Number: 026009593
- Address associated: 100 Woods RD, PMB 484 Valhalla NY, 10595-1530.

Any doubts you may have, feel free to contact me.

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