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Monday, December 22, 2014


I think this topic is one that cannot be ignored. I know I have a had a few people but less than supportive. The reasons for their lack of support seems to vary. There are some who are worried about the entire surgery in the DR thing. Others are just bothered by the thought of me getting extra fit, fine, etc. I find it funny and sad at the same time.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Choosing a Doctor

I sent my pictures and stats out to 3 doctors....Dr. Walkiris Robles, Dr. Fatima Almonte, and Dr. Yily de los Santos.

I have received quotes back from all three and the price range was from 5200-6700. However, some of the doctors are suggesting a 2nd trip at a later date. I know for me that would be a near impossibility.

Some of the factors I am using to select my doctor are:

  • reviewing pictures of their work
  • assessing what 'work' areas they seem to do best
  • reviewing blogs and review of
  • assessing the thoroughness of their quote, plus
  • my own intuition
I am not using the cost as a factor at all. I think that this type of surgery is too important  to base it on price.

Some things I noticed when i got my quotes. Some quotes are more thorough than others. The lack of thoroughness was/is a concern for me. When I compare the quotes seeing the huge difference from one doctor quote to another has given me cuase to pause. It also helps me to think of the questions I want/need to ask 

Vivid's Checklist

Things to do

  • Get under 175#
  • Annual physical including fasting blood work
  • Get Passport---submitted passport application Dec. 2014-received and being processed 12/25
  • Get 6 month quote--- not totally necessary as once the deposit is paid the quote should be locked in.
  • Select Doctor
  • Pick date
  • Secure spot via deposit
  • Begin buying supplies
  • Confirm  date with Dr.
  • Book ticket
  • Arrange daycare for visit

Monday, December 15, 2014


Here are the topics we hope to discuss on our journey.

  • Choosing the right doctor
  • Choosing a Recovery house
  • Planning Your trip
  • Dealing with haters
  • FAQ

Call me Vivid

Of course, my real name isn't Vivid. I love the idea of a pseudonym. I love the idea of being anonymous yet so open. So let me tell about myself and I am sure I will add to this page often as I get distracted and sometimes do not finish what I am working on.

I am 43 years old, married, and a mom to many. I say many because I have 4 natural born children, 1 daughter in law , and 3 step kids. I also 'raise' my mom when things in her life go south. My youngest child was born in 2008 and my oldest in 1991. So the age range tells a lot about me I think.  I have been married 3 times. And my current husband is my last husband. The only real husband I have ever had. My 1st marriage I was 23 and you played house for about 2 years. The 2nd husband was the king of selfish and I survived an almost 10 year sentence. My life partner, my best friend, my husband is what keeps me grounded and protected when everything is going haywire.

I work full time as an educator and I have been in this field for over 15 years. I love what I do and feel very blessed.

Who We Are

We have been friends for over a decade. Laughing... sharing and supporting each other  through good and bad times. Now we are taking time for ourselves to get our sexy back. LOL.



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