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Monday, January 19, 2015

Fernandez Goico Quote

Here is the quote from dr. Fernandez Goico.

I have attached the quotes for the following procedures (PDF format):

1. Mommy Makeover + BBL

Dr. FG gave you our "Seed Patient Discount". This is a 10% discount we  
give to patients that would help spread Dr. Fernandez Goico's work in  
their community after the surgery.

Remember, if you are viewing this email through a smartphone or a 
tablet, the files are usually at the bottom.

This quote includes:
- Cardiology checkup
- Pre-op labs
- Post-op meds (basic)
- Chest X-ray
- Compression garments (1 x faja and 1 x bra)
- Clinic (one night)

Does not include:
- Recovery house
- Lymphatic Drainage Massages (very recommended but not mandatory)
- Post-op insurance (costs US$150 and covers up to US$15,000 of any  
type of complication)
- Deep Vein Thrombosis and Thromboembolism Prevention Shots: 7  
(insuline like) shots needed the first week after surgery (approx.  
cost: US$140 for all shots included)

The Recovery Houses that we recommend are:

- (TOP CHOICE) Arelis Ureña Recovery House (Price US$120/night):  
belongs to a nurse that used to work with us and now has that business  
of taking care of patients 24/7, with transportation to/from airport  
and medical checkups included. Her name is Arelis Urena and her  numbers 
are cellphone (809)299-3797 and work phone (809)732-3797, in  case you 
want to give her a call and clear your doubts. Her price is  higher than 
regular Recovery Houses, but it's located in one of the  best 
neighbourhoods (Piantini) here in Santo Domingo, she offers  personal 
24/7 care of our patients and she speaks english very well  (which is 
considered a big plus by our international patients). Here is their fb 

- (TOP CHOICE) Serenity Recovery House (Price US$80/night): our  
patients have found very positive their stay here. One of the top  
things they have is that everyone speaks english well, and their  
accommodations are practically new. Here is their website:

- Real Armonia Recovery House: Some of our patients have also used  
"Real Armonia", which has a much lower price (US$85.00/day) but is not  
as private as the one I mentioned before. A good point is that it is  
the closest recovery house to our clinic (about 5 blocks away) and our  
patients have mentioned it is a very good house as well.

- Angela Recovery House (US$70/night): another choice used by our  
patients frequently, which has very personalized attention. It offers  
transportation and many of the features mentioned with the others, but  
their location is pretty far from our office (like a 30-45 mins  drive). 
Also, they have shared bathrooms which some patients find it  to be a 
very negative point.

- Tropical Recovery House (Price  
US$85/night)( one of our  patient 
is staying there right now. She's the first patient we've had  staying 
there but she is very pleased with their services. Their phone  number 
is: (809)595-3109.

If you find another house of your choice, please let us know which  
would you be interested in as there are plenty that have lower costs  
but are not good choices.

The recovery period for this surgery that Dr. FG requires the patient  
to stay in Dominican Rep. is at least 14 days.

In order for us to save a date for the surgery, the medical center  
requires a US$300.00 downpayment. This value is deducted from the  
surgery total and is refundable only if the surgery is cancelled by  Dr. 
Fernández Goico. It can be done through money transferring  companies 
like Western Union and other money wiring services  (MoneyGram, etc). 
This deposit also saves your quoted price, meaning  no matter when you 
decide to undergo this procedure, the price will be  as stated in the 
quote's Total.

If you decide to have this surgery with Dr. FG, I'd also need a  
specific date of arrival (Dr. FG requires that the patient is in  
dominican soil for at least 24 hours before the surgery) in order for  
me to create your surgery chronogram. This way you can organize  
yourself with time on how post-op check-ups work, etc. Also, Dr. FG  
requires his patients to be at least 24 hrs in dominican soil before  
undergoing surgery (for matters of patient's health safety).

IMPORTANT NOTE: In case you decide to have this  surgery with Dr. FG, I 
highly recommend that you save your date as  soon as possible. We give 
priority to our international patients and, I'm usually able to move 
local patients' dates, but I need to do  it with time.

Let me know if you have any doubts about the quotes or any other non  
medical subject. For any medical doubt, you can write to Dr. FG at any  
time to You can also call him or whatsapp  
him at his cellphone at +1 809 801-7900.

I kindly ask you to confirm that you have received this email.

Hope you have a lovely rest of the day,
Karel Zabala

Cirugía Plástica Estética y Reconstructiva

C/ Sócrates Nolasco No.4, 2º Piso
Santo Domingo, Rep. Dominicana
T: 809-565-0938

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