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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Choices Choices

I came into this just looking at going to Almonte and Yily. Yet now I have quotes from:

and I just sent pics to Cabral.

And I am still unsure... If I had to rank them in order in terms of my surgeon preference I would list them.

1st -Duran: Her bodies seem almost perfect. She is hard to reach though. In addition, her prices are the highest and include the least.

2nd-Yily/Robles: They work is comparable in my opinion. Yily is a waist snatcher and Robles make great assess. Neither have a solid track record in terms of breast lifts however.

3rd-Goico- He is super personable but a very conservative surgeon. I want a more tiny, snatched waist than he usually does. In addition, he requires a 14 days stay. My hubby is not too keen on me being gone for that long of a time period. However, his breast lifts look magical.

4th-Almonte: She does good bodies overall, but she unwilling to do all of my procedures at the same time.

5th-Fisher: I don't think that US doctors have the skillset or legality to snatch and suck the way the dominican doctors can and do.

On a brighter note... I am finally under 180 for more than 1 day. I am excited that cutting back on the carbs and working out has re-ignited my weight loss.

By the way... here are some wish pics...

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  1. Robles didn't want to do all my procedures at one time. I agree with you on Durans track record. Really swaying her way.


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