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Monday, January 19, 2015

Recovery Houses

Some recovery houses I have heard of and need to research

  • the Doll House
  • Family RH--Great website. Read RS review on Jan. 2015 and they were very positive. In addition as FB friend went there and loved it. 
  • Healing Haven-They are very helpful on FB. PPl seem to like them a lot.
  • Kindness RH
  • Luxury RH-Recommend by Yily.
  • Queen Recovery House
  • Serenity RH---Great reviews from ppl on RS.
  • Silhoutte
  • Tropical RH

1/4/15---Narrowing down the list...via RS reviews and other peoples testimony on FB. Making a spread sheet to keep info straight.

1/14/15--Just read a FB post about the Real Recovery hous. They were not on my list. Yay for me, LOL.

I have been thinking a lot lately about the questions I want to pose to the RH I am interested in?

  • Do you give group discounts?
  • Do you have aback up generator?
  • Do clients get bottled water?
  • How secure is the neighborhood?
  • Have you ever had clients/patients have things stolen? 
  • it is normal that I stay 2 night then go and stay one night at the clinic when i have my surgery...?

Eliminated and why: TBA
  • Armonia---alot of negative comments on social media. Not feeling comfortable with what I am hearing.
  • Daisy's recovery house--Not finding many positive reviews. So this is being moved to the no-bno list . (1/19/15)

1 comment:

  1. Right now I'm leaning towards Healing Heaven. I have not even researched the prices but the attitude of the admin and over all reviews are swaying me that way.


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